Getting The Most From Your Graphic Designer

When employing a contractor to do any work for your business, it is important to give them the clearest possible picture of what you are expecting as the outcome. Working with creatives is no different. It may came as quite a shock but we are not mind-readers, well not quite anyway. Here are some steps … Continued

A brand is like a person

Does the word ‘branding’ ignite horrifying images of creative types carrying on about marketing, equity, penetration or engagement? You know that you need to get your head around the branding part of your strategy, but really, it all sounds too hard? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Try thinking of your brand as a person, and connect … Continued

Youtube Uncovered

You’ve decided that Youtube is the right platform for your business. But how do you utilise this medium to generate more sales for your company? It’s important that your Youtube channel is not only functional but also looks the part. It needs to have a strong impact on first time visitors and clearly represent your … Continued