Why views don’t matter for your company video

Why views don’t matter for your company video


In an era when viral hits are the norm, and 100,000 views are merely average, it’s easy to feel disheartened when your business video doesn’t receive a thousand or even a hundred pictures.


Well, don’t fret. You see, when it comes to your company video, views don’t matter. Views merely measure activity, meaning nothing unless the action is converted into actual sales.

So, what does matter?


Well, here are some valuable metrics to consider:


  • Social engagement.

Is your audience commenting, liking, sharing or tweeting your video? This is an easy way to monitor your video’s impact on your viewers.


  • Watch time.

It’s worthwhile tracking how long individuals are watching the video. If they’re caring for all or most of the way through, you know your message is being heard.


  • Conversion rate.

What is your conversion rate? Are your viewers performing the video’s desired outcome—whether to sign up, download, watch or buy a product? here is a great link to the description 


  • View through rate.

This measures the number of people who saw your video and chose to watch it. View-through rates indicate how effectively you promote the video—e.g. title, thumbnail, position on page etc.


So, keep this in mind next time you release your business video. While views indicate your video’s level of activity, they are not necessarily the most appropriate tool to calculate the success of your video campaign. contact us for any more information