It’s not about

finding the easiest

or fastest route.

It’s about growing the scene.

Our journey so far

Surge Media is built on passion and expertise. Established in 2010, our team of accomplished video producers and designers develop your concept and craft a superior end product. We’re proud to work with many fantastic businesses and look forward to telling your story.

At Surge Media, we combine our expert in-house knowledge of video production, 3-D animation and motion graphics to produce outstanding videos. We’ll help your business stand out from the crowd by communicating your vision with cost-effective and uniquely creative solutions. We’ll help you tell your story, showcase your product or service, and educate your customers.

We believe video is the most engaging way to connect with your prospects and clients.

Our skills

At Surge Media, the videos we deliver are tailored to tell your unique story. We combine our expert in house knowledge of design and video production to produce a streamline finished product that will stand the test of time for your business.

We understand that video is the new black and the most engaging and universal way to connect with your clients.Our specialities include commercial & E-learning video production,corporate events, script development & motion graphics.

Surge Media have kept up with an increasing demand for high-quality videos and we haven’t left our clients behind. At Surge, we understand that video is a powerful tool that speaks a thousands different languages. Our aim is to help your business transcend paradigms, stand out from the crowd and make your vision a reality. We thrive on a challenge and seek to generate solutions that are highly efficient,cost-effective and competitive.


At Surge Media, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art, high-quality videos.

Our services include:

  • Company, product and testimonial videos
  • Event filming
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Motion Graphics



Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Surge Media’s in-house production team have the knowledge and creative know-how to produce the right corporate video for you.

From pre-production right through to final delivery, we partner with you every step of the way.

Surge Media specializes in:

  • Corporate Company videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Event Highlights
  • Training Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Many more

Using an array of animation styles and techniques, Surge Media knows how to bring your story to life, effectively conveying your message to your audience.

Our in-house creative team are experts in:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Characters
  • Modelling
  • Motion Graphics

Surge Media specialises in both print & digital design.

Our skills include:

  • Logo design
  • Brand development
  • Corporate identity design
  • Web design
  • eDM design
  • UX design
  • Digital, press and outdoor Ads design

Looking to get a professional photo done?

We can help you with:

  • Portraiture (standard and art-directed)
  • Company photos (standard and art-directed)
  • Product shots
  • Bespoke shots


Should you have any queries in this service, please contact us.

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Our Staff

Surge Media has an experienced team of freelancers and in-house members who are consistently working to deliver expert services across a wide range of technologies.

Ben Trowse


For our Creative Director Ben Trowse, the human is at the heart of it all. From short documentaries to music videos to national and international commercials, Ben’s hunger to convey the raw human story through the lens is the thread that ties all of his work together. Ben’s passion for human-to-human engagement also translates into how he manages the Surge Media team. Ben strives to cultivate a positive environment for our staff that promotes hard work and a focused mindset yet also encourages creativity and the freedom to push one’s artistic boundaries. With extensive experience in directing, shooting, producing, art-directing and editing videos, Ben offers a unique expertise across all stages of the video production process. Drawing on these capabilities, Ben has delivered video solutions for some of Queensland’s most recognisable brands and built a reputation as a video production authority, highly sought-after in the Brisbane creative scene.

Aegir Brands


A thoughtful leader, passionate about helping business owners leverage their online presence, Aegir feels lucky to do what he loves every single day. With ten years’ experience in web design and development, Aegir knows how to deliver a website that is visually appealing yet structurally sound and SEO friendly. While the technicalities of delivering a functional website are undeniably important, for Aegir, fostering a positive customer experience is paramount; that’s why he prioritises building relationships with our clients and perennially checking in to ensure their expectations have been met. In regards to his managerial role, Aegir assumes a position built on mutual trust and respect for one another. Consistently calm, collected and committed to meeting his client’s needs—through delivering websites. Aegir has the gratifying opportunity of assisting companies improve their visibility, credibility and overall marketability, facilitating growth and financial results.

Alessandro Meucci

Associate Creative Partner

Alessandro Meucci - an Italian native with over fifteen years graphic design and creative strategy experience - has established an exclusive partnership with Surge Media. Over the past decade, Alessandro has worked in Italy, Japan and now Australia developing high-impact marketing materials, brand identities, print and digital designs for worldwide renowned brands. Alessandro specialises in creative strategies, concept development, digital and print design, with his work always striving to encapsulate the human experience.

Salvatore Compagnone


Salvatore Compagnone is a highly dedicated and charismatic professional with skills in television, film, advertising and print design. With more than eight years experience in the creative industry, Salvatore has worked closely with Latin American directors in the production of feature-length documentaries and television commercials. Salvatore spent four years as the head of the graphics and promotions department, managing the image of one of the main television networks in Venezuela. Salvatore is also the founder and creator of successful Latin American design magazine, Zipper, which focuses on the latest design and film trends within the region. Salvatore came to Brisbane and used his charm and exotic accent to immediately secure a position at Surge Media. Salvatore is a key part in developing the look and feel of Surge Media’s projects.

Paris Ormerod


Paris Ormerod came into the world staring at everything with wonder and it has remained that way ever since. After playing with a toy video camera for years, Paris finally got her hands on a real one and discovered the power of telling a story through the lens. From there, Paris wrote, directed and edited multiple shorts films, where she discovered her passion for editing. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, Paris loved putting all the pieces together to make the final picture and has spent years honing this craft. While at university, Paris volunteered her skills and time to make promotional and educational videos for non-for-profit organisations. After completing a Bachelor Of Fine Arts (Film and Television Production) from Queensland University Of Technology, Paris joined the Surge Media team for her start in the industry.

Hector Navarro


Hector has been building websites for half a decade and loves to find out how things work. He has a large knowledge of PHP frameworks and is fantastic at converting the clients needs into a beautiful, functioning website.

Sara Burke


Sara is a highly enthusiastic and detailed writer with a broad range of writing capability from social media blogs to content writing to scripts. With a quick wit and a keen understanding of marketing, Sara is able to turn any idea into a well thought out and company identifiable piece of work.