Finding the voice of your company and defining your audience

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There are several significant choices to make when choosing not only your production company but the small details that make a massive difference in your video. The right spokesperson or voiceover artist is crucial to effectively communicate the voice of your company. A big role of the production company is to help you find that perfect talent or voice.  Ask upfront if this is included within your quote – if it is a hidden cost it could surprise you after production is already underway! Your production company may even have in-house talent you can employ, otherwise, you can hire them through an external agency.

A key, clear purpose for your video is paramount, whether it be sales, brand awareness, information or education. This decision will then lead you to your target market, whom will direct you to where your video will be shown. The devices your target audience use, the platforms they surf and the time they do it will lead you to your advertising platform. This may be on the web, at a meeting or simply on USB to present to potential clients. Your concept, therefore, has to be appropriate for these forms of delivery so that the audience is engaged and can relate to your video. Note that mobile devices have now overtaken traditional desktops as the primary venue for watching online videos. While you may not share the same ideals or interests as your target audience, it is important to solely focus on what will appeal to them. Age and gender tend to influence your approach, so your production company should discuss trends pertaining to your given audience and should know how to target them.


While being an enjoyable experience, producing a video is also an investment. Along with being challenging it can be extremely rewarding to both you and your production company. While research is inevitable, let your imagination lead it as you keep an open mind when starting production. Something to seriously consider when hiring a production company is their portfolio of productions. Ensure they have produced high-quality videos that tick off all of the boxes we have discussed. Then, let them take the lead and work together to grow and create your vision – it’s a team effort!

In next week’s fifth inbox issue, you’ll get a deep insight into the pre-production process with concept development and the script. Keep those inboxes clear so you don’t miss it!