Developing an awesome video production script is a great process

Developing an awesome video script is a great process.  If you missed our last blog issue just contact us here and we will happily send you a booklet containing all the information you might have missed!


Here, the production process finally begins! Once you have decided to use video as your marketing tool, the pre-production process can commence. This involves sourcing, casting and organising every aspect of your upcoming video.

When developing a killer concept, keep in mind that ideas are free! Think big, think differently and identify what makes your business top-of-mind. There are gaps in the market that are just waiting to be filled. The ideal situation is to work with a production company that is open to your ideas and, in turn, you must be open to listening to theirs.


In this game of collaboration, everyone’s ideas are valid and any may end up being that BIG idea you choose to run with. However, settling for a boring concept may be more detrimental than beneficial. Your video needs to hit your target market strongly enough that it will be watched from start to finish and cause the appropriate reactions. You need to avoid sending an ineffective, boring message out there as your first impression. A tailored video with a specific message and goal will be considerably more effective than squeezing in a surge of information. For ideas and inspiration do some research, brainstorm concepts, doodle your heart out and jump on the web and watch similar videos noting the ones you liked and why. Then, share this inspiration with your production company so they can create something unique and fresh.


While you may be able to produce an outstanding BIG idea, you may not be able to layout a story or write a script. You’ve now reached the time for professional input as an extremely worthwhile investment. This directly links back to whether or not your company has a scriptwriter in-house and what processes they adopt to help you tell your story. No one knows your story better than you do, so how does your production company foster this? A good test is to note down your ideas on paper. If it doesn’t work on paper it won’t work in a video.


Know your company’s processes when it comes to ‘storyboarding’ your script and visual aids as they will help your team visualise the shots that will lead to the final product. Shot lists and storyboards are commonly used to map out how a production will run and how a video will look.

There is a lot more to creating a video than you might have though! We’ll catch you next time for another issue.