Creative Video Production ideas Brochure text Vs Video Script.


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Creative Video Production ideas

A great idea is the backbone of your video. While brainstorming, let your creativity flow but keep in mind your ideas need to be both realistic and achievable in your budget. If you’re not quite sure, simply ask the production company’s in-house scriptwriter. They will make your vision and branding video-friendly while suggesting more suitable options for the ideas that might be a little more unrealistic. The scriptwriter and production company will understand what is achievable within your budget, so being open to a collaborative solution is imperative. But a lot can be achieved with the latest filming equipment and digital technology in post-production! Remember, building a call-to-action into your concept design will direct your viewers along your designated path, guiding them towards conversion and action.


Captivate an audience


When it comes to creating and editing video content, movie producers and inbound marketers aren’t all that different. Both are communicating a story and trying to captivate an audience, making them believe in the story. While your website and print media may contain great company information, it may not translate well into a video. This is where team collaboration comes in, particularly with your scriptwriter, ensuring your message and brand is accurately represented through video.

Ultimately, communicating your main points quickly and effectively is the key to resonating with your viewers. Maintaining relevant and interesting content is vital, with the average human attention span lasting only 8 seconds! Therefore, consider who will be driving the narrative and how your story will be told. Will in-house motion graphics be used to engage viewers? Make sure your company offers ideas on how to creatively produce a long story in a short amount of time.

We’ve gone through a lot but there is still more to cover. We’ll see you for the next inbox issue 4, as we go over voice, audience and most importantly, enjoying the process!