How to use video to improve your online customer service

How to use video to improve your online customer service

I wrote this post on Biz Club a few years back and throught is was still relivant as ever.

Video is a very powerful tool that allows you to emotionally engage with your customers. Yet, when it comes to online customer service, many seem to overlook this tool.

So, here are three simple ways you can use video to boost your online customer service:

1. Create a frequently askes questions video

Why not be creative and answer your FAQs in video format? This immediately personalises your content and also makes your website more sticky, as people will most likely watch the video until the end.

2. Organise a Google Hangout

The second tip is to invite your customers via Twitter or Facebook to a Google Hangout. This platform allows you to any questions your customers may have, further developing your clientele relationships. Keep in mind that Hangouts are limited to ten people and individuals must be on Google+ to participate.

3. Create Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos provide customers with greater clarity on the product, allowing them to make better purchase decisions, which results in a higher satisfaction overall.

We hope you found these tips helpful and now feel motivated to incorporate video into your online customer service strategy.

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