Location Scouting and casting talent for your video shoot

Location Scouting and casting talent for your video shoot

Choosing a Video Production Company That is Right for Your Business.


The Production

A production can have as many or as few locations as necessary. It is up to your production company to decide whether a studio, a location or both is best for your production, depending on your budget and the final script. Both come with various benefits and consequences that your company will have the insight to guide you through to find the best fitting location for your project. A good production company will scout the intended film locations prior to production where possible, looking for suitability and noting any issues that may arise. These might include background noise, accessibility issues or other undesirable interruptions. From this, shot lists can then be updated to work around potential issues. While this is saving you money by avoiding interruption, this service may incur an additional charge to budget for.


Casting Talent


If casting is required, it is important to have an agency that can use their experience and connections when required. Casting the right person to represent your brand is crucial, whether it be an employee from your business or a paid actor. Employees should only be chosen if they naturally exude confidence and friendliness. While every business may have interesting characters, they are most likely unsuited to appearing on camera if they don’t fit these criteria. Practising interview questions or going over the script beforehand can help with camera nerves, however, filming should be very relaxed. Speak to your producer about who you would like to represent your business. Gender, ethnicity and age all play a significant role in getting the right message across.


Conduction Auditions to get the right talent


Auditions will otherwise be made by your producer to cast actors in order to find the best fit for the role. If neither one of these alternatives is working for your video, you can opt for a professional voiceover recorded. This will inevitably become the voice of your company (think Frank Walker from National Tiles) so ensure it represents your business positively. It is essential for the actor to be adept in both verbal and non-verbal communication to engage your audience and retain attention. However, it is equally as important to not use a presenter with an excessive personality whom might become grating for viewers, discouraging them from embracing your brand. The ultimate presenter will possess a clear, credible, engrossing and enthusiastic energy that can lead the audience through the production process to the call-of-action ending.


The Call Sheet


At a glance, a call sheet contains all crew and cast contact information and the ‘who, what, when, where’ questions. More in-depth sheets will also contain information on the shots to be filmed on the day, the timings of the schedule as well as a weather report. Expect your producer to deliver the call sheet a few days before filming commences.

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