Casting and quoting in Video Production

Welcome to casting and quoting in video production issue two.

Welcome to casting and quoting in video production. Issue two of the series Choosing a Video Production Company That is Right for Your Business. If you missed last week’s inbox issue just contact us here and we will happily send you a booklet containing all the information you might have missed!
Casting the right video company is paramount to the success of your video. Various companies work best with particular products and professions, making it essential to choose the right one.

The first step

The first step in researching is to ask how much of the creative process is done in-house. Outsourcing the creative process can lead to higher post-production budgets but more importantly, a loss of your brand’s overall message. A dedicated production team that shares your core values and vision from the start to finish will ensure the end product best aligns with your original ideas. Does your chosen production company have in-house scriptwriters that are willing to meet you for project discussions? Your number-one asset is your story, and a solid video production company will not only understand this, but they will utilise it.

In this day and age, anyone and everyone can produce video content. Point your smartphone, press play and you’re officially an ‘amateur videographer,’ right? High quality, eye-catching video content comes from years of experience. Check out our video production experience here.

It can only be produced by a talented creative team with the right gear and expertise to ensure your brand and business truly stands out from its competitors. First impressions count, so make yours remarkable!

You Found a Production Company

Think you’ve found ‘the one’? Your first point of contact is usually via phone or email, but meeting in person afterwards is essential. You can get a genuine feel for who they are, the services they offer and they can better understand you and your project vision. You’ll now need to consider if your video company has any value add-ons. A good question to propose is if the production company owns the footage or if you do. If so, how long will it be kept and backup by them? When examining the quote have the team itemise it, ensuring you can see exactly what you are getting and what they are doing. Deliverables should be itemised and your needs should be in-depth and personalised. A good production company will understand your brand and business through comprehensive research and can provide exemplars. Additionally, you can offer any examples from YouTubeVimeo or Facebook to be considered in the creative process.

Social media is quickly becoming the main marketing platform for most businesses. It may be beneficial to ask if your video has the potential for social media distribution across your platforms. Does the production company offer anything else to engage your digital audience?

Are you feeling more informed? Keep an eye out over the next fortnight for the third inbox issue, examining ideas, text vs script and quality over quantity. Please have a look over our website and team  and let us know if you have any questions.