Surge Media’s Guide to Launching a Website 

Launching a website is an exciting and rewarding process with corporate video production agency.

After months of collaborating with designers and developers, there’s great anticipation to share your content with the public corporate video production agency.

A successful launch should ensure visitors:

  1. Read your content
  2. Subscribe to your email list
  3. Share content and website with others
  4. Engage on your website and leave comments
  5. Get excited about your upcoming content

But how do you create a successful launch?

Well, let us take you through our top tips when launching a website:

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”

As the famous saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”, and it’s no different from your website. By creating a launch plan, you’ll be three to six months ahead of where you’d be if you started publishing content without a plan. It also allows you to build excitement and ensure there’s an eager audience waiting to hear what you have to say corporate video production agency.

So, you’ve got your launch plan. But what should you do pre-launch?

  • Create and refine your 7-second pitch
    How are you going to quickly and effectively explain your brand and why it’s worth paying attention to? Aim to pitch your website in seven seconds or less. If this timeframe seems inconceivable—you’re not ready to launch. This exercise will also be extremely beneficial in nailing down the tagline and key copy for your website.
  • Live content on day one
    On launch day, you want to ensure there are several works ready to devour. If you plan a launch and only have one piece of content available, visitors will be extremely disappointed and lose interest.
  • Create a viral piece
    To promote sharing of your website, you want to create a comprehensive document that provides visitors with value.

We recommend creating a beastly resource or an expert round-up post.

  • Beastly Resource
    A beastly resource is a highly detailed guide on a topic of interest in your market. It should be more substantial than a regular blog post and be extremely helpful to users. For newcomers, a beastly resource will solidify your company’s authority and expertise.
  • Expert Round-Up Post
    This is a comprehensive document that contains expert answers to a specific question. To create this post, begin by determining the most important question your target audience wants to be answered. Then, email experts in your niche and ask for their answers to this question. Once you have received all responses, compile the answers into one blog post. Not only is this an amazing resource for visitors that will help promote your website but it also allows you to make connections in your field.

Whether you decide to create a beastly resource or an expert round-up post will depend on your niche. However, make sure you embed the posts to promote sharing and only have one available on day one, as each deserves complete attention.

  • Create additional content
    You also want to create three or four additional pieces of pillar style content.

This content should not be your personal story or a commentary on current events, but rather timeless pieces that answer what your target audience wants to know.

To reach a diverse range of people, be sure to approach the content in three different ways:

    • Analytical/rational
      This content should appeal to left-brainer readers who are concerned with numbers and analytics or reasoning and logic.
    • Philosophical/theoretical
      This approach should attract right-brainers who are interested in design and theory or intuition and emotion.
    • Case Studies and ‘How to’ content
      This content provides readers with real-life experiences that they can learn from.
  • Teaser page
    To build anticipation for the launch of your website, create a ‘coming soon’ teaser page. This helps to convince people that what you’re creating is worth paying attention to. Make sure you organize a subscribe function to start building your contact list.
  • Build relationships and buzz for launch day
    To maximise the effectiveness of your launch, you want to build relationships with other influencers who will help share your site. This will be the most effective way to get your site off the ground. You can also create buzz for the launch by engaging in guest posts and interviews on other blogs.
  • Build an off-site audience
    Create a Facebook page for your business to start building a community. You can also get active on forums—just make sure you provide value instead of pitching to other users.
  • Set up Google Alerts
    Organise Google Alerts for any keywords that match your company name or URL. This will ensure that you’re immediately notified whenever your brand is mentioned online.
  • Create a share page
    After the launch, you’ll want people to share the word about your website. The easiest way to encourage this is by creating a ‘share page’ on your website. It may explain how to embed your corporate video or include shareable images, graphics, factoids about your company or example Tweets, LinkedIn, Google + or Facebook posts.

You’ve launched your website. But where to from here?


  • Reach out to Your Existing Network
    Don’t be afraid to ask your existing network for help. In fact, friends and family should be proud to share your site.
  • Send a mail-out
    Email your subscribers to announce that your website is live. Make sure to include the handy share page you created on your website to start building awareness.
  • Thank you notes
    Send a thank you message to those who helped you along the way. This may be the experts who answered questions for your round-up post or those who spread the word on Twitter. Reaching out and personally thanking these individuals really does go a long way.
  • Keep up the content
    You’ve made it so far but now it’s your responsibility to maintain your social media presence and keep producing content.

We hope you found these tips helpful and now feel ready to launch a thriving and successful website.