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What’s Happening

One of the many thrills of working at Surge Media—aside from the impromptu ping pong games and daily bicycle commute to lunch and our Education Newsletter —is witnessing the constant developments that occur. In case you haven’t been keeping up, a lot has been happening in the world of Surge and here’s just a brief overview. also sign up to our Newsletter for more awesome ideas to start the conversation. also please download our ebook and great read for all wanting to use video in their business


The month of April saw the launch of our new website; it’s been reinvigorated with a contemporary and visually inviting look. Key features include the rotating video compilation on our homepage and photographic grid, which showcases our clients and latest work.


Recent development

Another recent development and key focus of ours for 2016 is positioning our company as a full creative agency. Using your business’s goals, budget and market, we can develop a complete and personalised marketing strategy to increase the sales and brand awareness of your company. This involves using various advertising methods including design (print and/or digital), radio, video and web.


A client already benefiting from this service is Ozzie Tax Refunds. For their upcoming campaign, we devised a complete marketing strategy that includes radio ads, web commercials and billboard advertising. From the casting to the graphic design, Surge Media led and orchestrated the entire campaign.

Call us

If you’re interested in our new creative service, feel free to give us a call on 07 5325 1031