Valley Fiesta 2017

Sometimes it’s ok to toot your own horn

Especially when we have partnered with Valley Fiesta, Brisbane’s largest street party annually organized by Brisbane City Council. It’s two days of Brisbanites of all backgrounds coming together to play, eat and boogie until the late hours.

Each year, Valley Fiesta works with different organizations to pull together their Launch Video. Working with Kinetic, a creative brand company, they approached Surge Media to bring a new creative flair to their 2017 launch video.

This year, Valley Fiesta has a fresh new look different from previous years. The look had gone through a major facelift by changing the main color to a golden gradient, adding surrounding smoke clouds and making the font big, bold and beautiful.

Our team of animators got to work. Inspired by the gradients, clouds and geometric shapes, the animation has a retro feel but still appeals to the target audience with the energetic editing and indie soundtrack. Taking a cue from the Valley Fiesta poster, Surge Media utilized the circular elements to create a turntable as a running theme throughout the video. This use of an LP turntable eludes a retro aesthetic while the popping audio waveforms keep the video within the modern audience.

We also connected the soundtrack with the animation by animating the pulsating circle in time with the beat of the music – this is a subtle element that when used, really enhances the viewing experience for the audience.

To keep a connection with the previous Valley Fiesta launch videos, Surge Media used high energy and dynamic editing. This style of editing, in combination with using carefully selected footage, the animation, graphics and music elements, Surge Media created a video that represents the fun and dynamic festival Valley Fiesta is known to be.

Check out the video!