Step Out Of The Box

Step Out Of The Box with Brisbane videographer.

The digital age is in full swing, the world of marketing is as over-saturated as ever, and the fact of this dilemma is; advertising just doesn’t work the same way that it used to. Partially because there is so much of it, but mostly because the rise of the internet has allowed companies to move beyond the traditional skeleton of marketing. Through this change in our modes of consumption, not all marketing strategies have transitioned smoothly. But the effectiveness of video advertising is as potent as ever by Brisbane videographer.


One of the more challenging aspects of creating a video production is making it stand out. Often the most impactful videos are the ones that set their business apart from the rest by having a memorable brand and message. The trick is finding out what your brand and message is and how it will capture the attention of the consumer – and maintaining it!


A well-thought-out brand and message allows you to relate to and get in touch with the emotions of your customers, provoking a response that will influence their opinions and decisions. There are many ways to ensure your video is unique and recognizable such as:

– Logo: videos which feature a clear and recognizable logo have improved brand recall among viewers dramatically, with no drop in engagement.

– Keep it short and sweet by Brisbane videographer: Videos with a shorter timeframe retain higher engagement. Make sure the scripts explains your message in an engaging way. The script can also be elevated by a warm and friendly company spokesperson that connects with your viewers.

– Incorporate motion graphics highlighting key points of information Brisbane videographer.


Without distinctive features like the above, your video will fall short and your company is pooled in with the rest Brisbane videographer. Keep in mind, branding is effective only when it’s not too obvious. As it creates something attention-grabbing – not distracting – for your viewers to latch onto.