The art of the Instagram and video?

Have you mastered the art of the Instagram video?

While predominantly used as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram also allows users to upload short sixty-second videos. For businesses, this is a great way to diversify your content and enhance customer engagement.

Here are my top tips for creating an engaging Instagram video:

o Shooting the video

You can film from within the Instagram app, from your phone’s built-in camera or even a DSLR camera. The key is to shoot from the device that is most convenient yet also produces a high quality result. Make sure you apply the basic principles of filmmaking, such as keeping the subject in focus and maintaining smooth shots.

o The Edit

For greater flexibility and more advanced maneuvers, edit the majority of the video outside the Instagram app and then import it back in once completed.

o Production and aesthetic

A unique feature of the Instagram video design is that there’s no sound unless viewers tap the video. So, make sure your video is visually appealing. If the video has no great visuals, experiment with including text and captions.

o Think about the thumbnail

While only viewable on your profile, the thumbnail needs to be an engaging frame that prompts users to watch your video. Just remember, the still must be from within the footage.

I hope you found those tips helpful and now feel well equipped to upload an Instagram video.

Here are some ideas on Pinterest.

Please connect if you have any quoestion, happy to help.