About Surge Media

It’s not about

finding the easiest

or fastest route.

It’s about growing the scene.

Corporate Video Production Companies

It’s not about

finding the easiest

or fastest route.

It’s about growing the scene.

Our Staff

Surge Media has an experienced team of freelancers and in-house members who are consistently working to deliver expert services across a wide range of technologies.

Ben Trowse


For our Creative Director Ben Trowse the human is at the heart of it all. Ben’s hunger to convey the raw human story through the lens is the thread that ties all of his work together. Ben’s passion for human-to-human engagement also translates into how he manages and directs the Surge Media team during the production and post-production creative process. With extensive experience in directing, shooting, producing, art-directing and editing videos, Ben offers a unique expertise across all stages of the video production process. Drawing on these capabilities, Ben has delivered video solutions for some of Queensland’s most recognisable brands and built a reputation as a video production authority, highly sought-after in the Brisbane creative scene. With Ben leading your project, you can rest assured that your videos will receive a contemporary, first-class production.

Gabriel Adams Gardner

Post Production Manager

Gabriel discovered his passion for film making at a very early age. He has quickly developed his skills both on set and in the edit suite, keeping up to date on new technology and modern trends. Check out his IMDB account. Gabe understands  all things video and is an asset filled with information energy and creativiity to burn.  Whether behind the camera or at the editing desk,  Gaberiel knows how to bring that unique approch to his projects.

Matt Cox

Cinematographer - Photographer

With over 20 years of experience behind the lens, Matt has the well-honed eye of a true film maker. He has actively been involved in the capturing and creation of content for television commercials, music videos, promotional material, short films and TV pilots. Matt’s expert technical capabilities, sharp eye, and keen sense of storytelling ensures your video will exceed your expectations.

Chris Slater


After 25 years in Aviation Management with QANTAS, Chris decided to follow his passion for film making and complete his degree in Film and Media Production. After working in live television for NITV and as a 1st Assistant Director and Producer on a number of projects, Chris joined the Surge Media team as a creative producer and scriptwriter. Chris is the organisational force that aligns our production processes and keeps us focused and on schedule. Every company needs a rock and Chris is ours.

Chen Xu

Editor/Graphics and Design/Sound/Animation

Since completing her Master of Arts in Musicology in Beijing, Chen has found her niche in the world of editing. Her experience in video editing, music arrangement, sound recording, and video production is an asset that we at Surge Media are excited to offer. Chen’s ability to quickly find the rhythm that is so important to a great edit is what helps give our projects a distinct voice and provides a unique point of difference.