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Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production Brisbane

Surge Media work with many of Australia’s leading clients, regularly delivering a variety of excellent, persuasive, engaging and creative corporate video productions. We have a team of exceptional videographers available in-house ready to work with you.

Surge have the expertise to produce an extensive range of content. Our corporate videos can document case studies, produce testimonials, run training and e-learning videos, introduce staff profiles, create induction videos, right through to event, workshop and conference videos.

We enjoy working within the Corporate industry as it gives us the opportunity to get creative when developing informational content. Our clients work alongside us so that we can create their vision into a reality.

Our skills

At Surge Media, the videos we deliver are tailored to tell your unique story. We combine our expert in house knowledge of design and video production to produce a streamline finished product that will stand the test of time for your business.

We understand that video is the new black and the most engaging and universal way to connect with your clients.Our specialities include commercial & E-learning video production,corporate events, script development & motion graphics.

Surge Media have kept up with an increasing demand for high-quality videos and we haven’t left our clients behind. At Surge, we understand that video is a powerful tool that speaks a thousand different languages. Our aim is to help your business transcend paradigms, stand out from the crowd and make your vision a reality. We thrive on a challenge and seek to generate solutions that are highly efficient, cost-effective and competitive.

Videographer and Director of Photography

A common question we get asked is: what’s the difference between a videographer and director of photography? It’s important to understand this difference. In most projects, choices about production values need to be made quickly to ensure the end product meets its intended purpose.

A director of photography (DOP) creates the visual identity of the production using all aspects of the camera, such as composition, movement, angles, settings and lighting. They understand how choices such as framing, camera movement, depth of field and harsh vs soft lighting impact how an audience is likely to perceive the overall message. A DOP uses these tools with care and creativity, knowing that each of these decisions can have a dramatic impact on the final picture.

A videographer has skills to operate a large variety of camera, sound and lighting equipment. They are usually best-suited to capturing events/conferences and handling the second camera on video productions. Unlike a DOP, a videographer focuses on making sure they record important details. They understand the post-production process too and look for cut-aways and transition shots to help the editor compile the story in the most visually compelling way.

Depending on the client’s budget, Surge Media has a wide range of professional camera equipment to suit each project, from DSLRs up to the Red Epic, which captures ultra high-resolution 8K images. Through years of experience, we’ve developed a sophisticated understanding of the tools at our disposal to suit our clients’ budgets and needs.

Industrial Video

Surge Media specialises in making videos for industrial clients. We’ve worked extensively with leading companies in Australia’s industrial sector, including Onsite Rental Group, Hirepool, Eneraque, Laing O’Rourke and Practical Engineering.

We have a long history producing a diverse range of industrial video content. We have the capabilities to capture high-quality footage of impressive locations, such as open cut mines, manufacturing work sites and power plants, including the certified use of drones.

In 2014, Surge Media worked with Onsite to create a video documenting their involvement in the $1.5 billion Legacy Way tunnel project in Brisbane.

In collaboration with Practical Engineering, Surge Media created a video documenting the design, supply and installation of an access platform across the Little Nerang Dam. Targeting their industrial company audience, Surge Media captured the process from start to finish using multiple cinematic techniques, including filming from a helicopter. Combining high-quality content with an engaging sound design, Practical Engineering connected with a new range of customers.

Surge Media created a video showcasing Hirepool’s involvement in the Marsden Point Refinery Project. Travelling to New Zealand, the Surge Media crew shot extensively over the work site to capture how Hirepool’s equipment was instrumental in running the refinery.

Promotional Video

Videos are no longer a luxury – they are a must-have for any business, organisation or even high-profile individual.

Promotional video is a powerful tool to advertise your product and services across various marketing platforms. It also builds trust and loyalty with existing customers.

Whether it’s a 45-second promotion on Facebook or a 20-minute, documentary-style video that tells an epic story, audiences are hungry for information that is easily digestible. Video provides the most direct, and certainly the most powerful path to your audience.

There are many ways to approach a promotional video; motion graphics, testimonial or cinematic masterpiece. Much depends on the production values you’re looking for and your budget.

In this fast-paced, hi-tech world, businesses seeking to lead their industry need to be quick and agile with their marketing investments such as video production.

Social media is ever-changing and the goal posts are ever-moving with the trends of promotional videos. Surge Media will help you determine the best methods and tactics to engage your target audience.

So make a splash. Get your story out there with a video that is creative, unique and memorable.

Business Video designed for the web

As companies move away from traditional marketing methods such as print, billboards and mail, they’re increasingly turning towards digital methods such as video production.

As Ben Trowse, our founder and creative director, is fond of saying: “Video is the virtual handshake.”

At Surge Media we specialise in telling stories specific for the web. They have different requirements to TV/Cinema commercials and event videos.

How you market your video – on social media, website homepage or landing page – will depend on the content and length of your video production. For social media, short videos of between 10-60 seconds in length work best. Videos on a website homepage can be longer because most viewers who specifically visit your website are looking for information.

Surge Media keeps up with the changing trends in the business world. We’ll share your challenge of navigating the contemporary media landscape and help you communicate powerfully and effectively with the people whose trust your organisation depends on.

Should you have any queries in this service, please contact us.

Our Staff

Surge Media has an experienced team of freelancers and in-house members who are consistently working to deliver expert services across a wide range of technologies.

Ben Trowse


For our Creative Director Ben Trowse, the human is at the heart of it all. From short documentaries to music videos to national and international commercials, Ben’s hunger to convey the raw human story through the lens is the thread that ties all of his work together. Ben’s passion for human-to-human engagement also translates into how he manages the Surge Media team. Ben strives to cultivate a positive environment for our staff that promotes hard work and a focused mindset yet also encourages creativity and the freedom to push one’s artistic boundaries. With extensive experience in directing, shooting, producing, art-directing and editing videos, Ben offers a unique expertise across all stages of the video production process. Drawing on these capabilities, Ben has delivered video solutions for some of Queensland’s most recognisable brands and built a reputation as a video production authority, highly sought-after in the Brisbane creative scene.

Caitlyn O’Brien

Senior Post Supervisor/Editor/Animation and Motion Graphics/ Cinematographer

Since moving down to Brisbane from Townsville to study Film and Media Production at the prestigious Griffith University Film School, Caitlyn has been making her mark in the industry very quickly. Caitlyn’s extensive credits encompassing all areas on a raft of films, live television, and video projects have given her a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the production process and an eye for detail that ensures your finished product is of the highest order. A technical whizz kid, she loves nothing more than getting her teeth into the latest innovations in post-production or motion graphics to ensure your video stands out from the crowd.

Liam Donnaly

Editor - Camera Operator

As one of the youngest members of the team, Liam discovered his passion for film making at a very early age. He has quickly developed his skills both on set and in the edit suite, keeping up to date on new technology and modern trends. Liam understanding all the analytics of social media and is an asset filled with information.  Whether behind the camera or at the editing desk, Liam knows how to bring that unique energy to his projects.

Matt Cox

Cinematographer - Photographer

With over 20 years of experience behind the lens, Matt has the well-honed eye of a true film maker. He has actively been involved in the capturing and creation of content for television commercials, music videos, promotional material, short films and TV pilots. Matt’s expert technical capabilities, sharp eye, and keen sense of storytelling ensures your video will exceed your expectations.

Chris Slater


After 25 years in Aviation Management with QANTAS, Chris decided to follow his passion for film making and complete his degree in Film and Media Production. After working in live television for NITV and as a 1st Assistant Director and Producer on a number of projects, Chris joined the Surge Media team as a creative producer and scriptwriter. Chris is the organisational force that aligns our production processes and keeps us focused and on schedule. Every company needs a rock and Chris is ours.

Chen Xu

Editor/Graphics and Design/Sound/Animation

Since completing her Master of Arts in Musicology in Beijing, Chen has found her niche in the world of editing. Her experience in video editing, music arrangement, sound recording, and video production is an asset that we at Surge Media are excited to offer. Chen’s ability to quickly find the rhythm that is so important to a great edit is what helps give our projects a distinct voice and provides a unique point of difference.